On behalf of your event photographers (Justin, Tony, and myself), thank you for your interest in the pictures from the 2009 Celebrate America Gymnastics Competition.

The pictures are almost ready!
All Floor and Bars pictures are available, and session 1 Beam are ready.
The rest of the Beam pics will be posted shortly.
I will send one more email when 100% of the pics are available.

**If you have already placed an order, or would like to place an order for Floor & Bars pics now, email me at info@waynedayberry.com and I will send you a discount coupon code to use for your Beam picture order.**

To find your pictures...

1. Click the logo above or go to www.waynedayberry.eventpictures.com/gymnastics

2. In the Past Events list...click on the event for your session
(Session 1 = Saturday 8am, Session 2 = Saturday 10am, Session 3 = Saturday 12:30pm, Session 4 = Saturday 3pm, Session 5 = Saturday 5:30pm, Session 6 = Sunday 8am, Session 7 = Sunday 10am)

3. In the "View by Category" box, select your squad. (A, B, C, or D) and your event.

4. Add the pictures you want to your cart

5. Repeat for each event.

6. Select your items and Checkout.

If you do not know your squad...
Squad A started on Vault, then went to Bars
Squad B started on Bars, then went to Beam
Squad C started on Beam, then went to Floor
Squad D started on Floor, then went to Vault

For information on the Custom Action Posters
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IMPORTANT: Read the Ordering Instructions at the top of the page. If you have any questions...send me an email.

Best Regards,

Wayne Dayberry
Wayne Dayberry Photography